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Cards, Gift Tags, & Bookmarks

Wood veneer is a bit thicker than paper but still relatively flexible, and lends itself well to various projects. These projects include cards for any occasion, gift tags, wooden bookmarks with ribbons (no flap), and small batch stickers. Depending on the kind of veneer wanted, these projects currently have a height restriction around 5–6″ (12.7–15.24cm) due to what I am able to obtain.

Poplar works really well (when I can get some) and provides a nice light greenish yellow look, walnut works great for projects wanting something dark, and red birch provides a nice lighter reddish brown color. These are the main materials I’ve used so far, but others can be obtained if wnated for specific projects. Some may be unsuitable for projects that involve engraving, as they may be uneven providing inconsistent results and sometimes burning through in spots.

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Example of a gift tag Examples of bookmarks with a ribbon on top Example of a winter/Christmas card Another example of a winter/Christmas card