Destructor Fleet Designs


I am not currently able to deep engrave metal, but I can add markings to some bare metals or engrave various metal finishes. Those options can be applied to objects such as bottle openers, powder-coated bottles, and more.

Items made of stainless steel, brass, or aluminum are able to have a black mark placed on their surface in any shape you desire. If the aluminum is anodized I am able to offer two types of engravings: removal of just the coloring or complete removal of the anodizing. The first turns the lasered area white while the second reveals the plain aluminum underneath. Designs for any of these approaches can be complex, but should be made with a single color in mind.

Lastly I can engrave aluminum unibody MacBooks for local customers only, if you feel brave enough to put yours under a laser head. Due to the finish of the metal I can either engrave them as is for a low contrast white finish or give your design a black finish.

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Example of a stainless steel bottle opener with a design in black Close-up of an aluminum MacBook with a black design lasered onto it Back of a MacBook Pro showing two laser engravings