Destructor Fleet Designs

Leather & Patches

Leather is quite durable and well suited to many projects from notebooks to wallets or patches. I don’t currently offer finished items such as the former two, but I can engrave designs onto existing leather goods.

For existing items, it is helpful to have some scrap leather of the same kind to see if you like the results before doing it on the real thing. If not, at least least me know what kind of leather it is or provide a picture of it as I may already have or be able to obtain samples of the same or similar leather.

For new creations I can cut out custom shapes as well as provide engravings. I am also able to laser in tiny holes inset from the edge as a guide for those who want to sew multiple pieces together or onto a bag or jacket. I typically make patches out of a somewhat stiff brown latigo leather for durability but can source a few other kinds.

Request a Leather Project
Example of a set of leather patches for an event