Destructor Fleet Designs


Create some classy drinking cups, wine glasses just for you, or perhaps a unique shot glass. I have the ability to engrave both round and flat glass items as needed, but I cannot cut custom pieces. If you need custom shapes of glass you will have to obtain them elsewhere and then I can engrave them.

In addition I can engrave the bottoms of glass baking pans and flat-bottomed glass bowls, as well as the sides of labware destined for display purposes or home use only. Be aware labware, baking pans bought from Europe, and older US Pyrex-brand items have a different glass composition. These do not engrave with the same frosty effect as your average cup or bottle.

I haven’t tried it yet, but it should be quite safe for me to engrave wine bottles in order to make unique gifts. However this is kind of a one-shot proposition, so it’s best not to ask me to engrave your rare 1947 Château Pétrus.

Request a Custom Glass Project
Example of a glass plate engraved with a knight on a horse Example of a custom shot glass engraved with fill lines for a shot called Squashed Frog