Destructor Fleet Designs


What’s cooler than rolling up with your character and custom dice? Perhaps you just want an easy way to decide what TV show to watch or an enviable enhancement to your board games. They may be made out of plastic, but they can provide that little extra style.

I can do anything from 16mm regular sized to 25mm large D6 dice through all common side-counts up to D20s. All dice are currently hand-painted so this is not a great way to get a large production run of custom dice, but it is a great way to get one-offs or prototypes you can’t easily get any other way. Due to ease of obtaining such blanks, all dice will be white by default but it may be possible to obtain alternate colors for some side-counts, such as D6s and D12s.

Typically dice start at $4 a die for D6s, and go up based on the number of sides and complexity required to paint them.

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Example of a custom die Examples of two D8s (eight-sided die) and a D20 (20-sided die) with a custom font Example of a custom D12 (twelve-sided die)