Destructor Fleet Designs

Boxes & Inserts

I can make boxes of many shapes and sizes. I typically work with ⅛″ (3mm) plywood but can also make parts out of acrylic or other materials. This includes the outer box as well as any inside dividing walls, drawers, trays, or other features wanted. If you have specific items the box needs to fit please let me know what the dimensions are and if there’s any other special requirements.

Box inserts are useful when you have an existing common or special box you’d like to reuse but want to have trays, dividing walls, and more. These can be especially useful for board games which may not come with adequate inserts by default. (If you’re specifically looking for a board game insert, check online first to see if there’s a ready-made solution.)

In addition to the above, I can engrave custom artwork onto various parts of the box, lid, trays, and drawers. An example would be to engrave a symbol on the inside bottom of divisions inside of a tray so it is obvious where things go back when returned to the tray.

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Example of a box with a sliding lid Example of a deck box with movable dividers Example of a board game box insert